What is a VPN connection?

A VPN is a secure connection between your device (e.g. your computer, tablet or smartphone) and the internet. This 'virtual private network' allows you to send your data traffic via an encrypted, secure connection to a remote server. From the location where the VPN server is located the internet is only reached. Your internet traffic is therefore secured and anonymized.

If you are going to surf the internet, mail or use social media for example, you always do this with a unique IP address. You can compare this address with your phone number or home address, but then for your computer, tablet and / or smartphone.

The IP address is, as it were, the personal identification code of your Internet connection. It is in the name and address of the person who pays the internet provider. In this way you are, of course, recognizable online. Everything you do online is tracked. That is why many people are opposed to using a VPN, because you can protect this with a VPN. By using a VPN also changes the IP address and your GEO location, also they do not log what you do, but what the VPN server does. They then deliver it encrypted back to you.

Is a vpn connection safe to use?

Yes, your computer sends encrypted everything you do on the internet to the VPN server. Which then executes it and sends you back encrypted. So everything happens in secret. No one can see what you are doing on the internet. However, the vpn companies are located in countries where monitoring by the government is not possible. These companies also do not keep log files. So yes, a vpn is safe to use. We also recommend you to use a vpn connection.

However, there are VPN providers who may keep track of your surfing behavior and sell your data to, for example, advertisers. This is especially the case with free VPN individuals. These are often not safe. But the VPN providers we have investigated are completely safe and do not keep any logs.

Does a VPN slow down your internet connection?

Some people doubt whether they should use a VPN because they have heard that it can slow down your internet connection. Research has shown this to be a regular occurrence, but the VPN services we show are very fast and you don't really notice it very much. With free VPN services you notice this the most, the servers are overloaded and possibly they log everything you do.

Do you really want to make use of a secure vpn connection then we really recommend you to choose one from our list. This will not only save you a lot of research but also a lot of costs, because you know for sure that it works, that you are safe online and that the connection will be extremely fast.

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What to pay attention to when choosing a VPN

If you have found another VPN service outside of our list, or you want to do your own research, then the following points as mentioned below are necessary what you should pay attention to when making a choice.

Supports OpenVPN

Choose a service that at least supports OpenVPN, which is the safest. IKEv2 is a nice alternative, especially for mobile devices. The different VPN connection techniques are: OpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP en L2TP

Please note the country of establishment

Under U.S. law, VPN services from the U.S. may be viewed by government agencies. If you don't want that per se, please avoid these services. VPN providers based in countries that have a partnership with the US also deserve a critical look.

Proprietary software for different devices

Many VPN providers have their own software for Windows, but an app for iOS or Android, for example, is not always available. Without such an app or your own software you have to manually set up a connection, for example with the app of OpenVPN, which is more difficult.

Servers in specific countries

Check if the VPN has servers in specific countries of which you want to emulate the location.

Privacy Policy

Avoid services that store or analyze your data, such as Facebook's Onavo VPN. Virtually all providers say they don't keep any logging. Nevertheless, the privacy terms and conditions sometimes do not exclude the possibility of recording certain connection data, such as time of connection and data consumption. As a result, online activities can sometimes be reconstructed.

Trial or money back

If you want to use VPN for a longer period of time, take a free trial version first, although unfortunately we see it less and less. However, you can often take out a monthly subscription or get your money back up to sometimes 30 days after purchase, if you don't like the service.